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Young Historians Program

Volunteer Community Service Opportunities

THSSH is a great place to get your 25 hour high school volunteer community service hours. And you can do it all in one place for one organization and keep it simple. Whether it’s genealogy, American history, or architectural history, we’ll continue to expand our collection of materials suitable for students of all ages. Below are a few of the offerings:

  • Create a Young Historian program. Work with the Programming Committee and learn everything that’s needed to create a program or event from planning thru post follow up. (All year) (20+ hours credit depending on activity or event)
  • Haunted Walking Tour Zombies: We need 2-3 zombies to dress up and participate in our haunted walking tour on Sunday, October 29, 2017.
  • Art Program: Work with the Ridge Art Club to update the Charter Day Billboard of King George (Due before May 2018) (5-10 hours credit)
  • Be a museum docent at Somerset County History Weekend at the Brick Academy (Oct 14-15) (5-10 hours credit)
  • Research and write a story about a historic event or “Growing up in Basking Ridge” essay. 2-5 pages (5 hours credit)
  • Attend an Elder Voices program. Take notes and prepare an article on the next Elderly Voices program at the Brick Academy Sunday, Nov 5, 2017 (5 hours credit)
  • Help with a holiday craft project for kids (December) (5 hours credit)
  • Create an Essay: “Growing up in……. (Basking Ridge, Liberty Corner, or any town in the Somerset Hills. 2-4 typed pages (5 hour credit)
  • Research Assistant: THSSH receives research requests from the public all the time. Work with one of our volunteer researchers and help research and draft a response for the request (5-20 hours depending on request). All Year
  • Build a “History in a Box”: Work with THSSH Programming Committee alongside Ms. Kristin Fox (Social Studies Supervisor to update the “History in a Box” program where you get to choose what goes into the box, do the research of what’s in the box, and why it belongs in the box (typically small items taken from THSSH storage. The box is then shared with teachers in the Somerset Hills to use with their class (typically 3-8th grades. Year long. (25+ hours).

THSSH Supervisor Contact: Brooks Betz Simply select one of the available activities. Some activities are limited to only a few volunteers, so it is a first come, first serve process so act quickly.

Ridge HS Community Service Info:

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