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Historical Photographs and Documents gathered from around The Somerset Hills

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Blairsden Estate - One of the most prominent estates in The Somerset Hills, this Peapack Gladstone early 20th century photo shows the mansion's spectacular mountaintop setting. This shot is from the backside, sloping downward towards Ravine Lake (once called Blairs Lake). The South facade extends into the landscape through a series of terraces and stairways. Note the orange grove just below the terrace. While this estate was also sold after C. Ledyard Blair lived there for over 47 years, the property was sold to the Sisters of St. John the Baptist and sometime around 2002 was sold again to two individual investors. Also noteworthy is while the property was once close to 500 acres, it is now only 30 acres, and what was formerly the stable area was sold off and is now the Matheney School. Photo courtesy of The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills.

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