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Historical Photographs and Documents gathered from around The Somerset Hills

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Bernardsville Library - circa 1907 - In Revolutionary days, the library was known as Captain John Parker's Vealtown Tavern that has its own ghost. Phyllis, the captain's daughter, fell in love with young Dr. Byram, who roomed at the tavern. The doctor was identified as a spy by the British, tried, and subsequently hanged nearby. During the night it is said that the coffin was brought back to the tavern for burial. In the middle of the night, Phyllis ripped the boards from the coffin, and after realizing it held her lover, Phyllis was found insane beside the opened coffin. Ever since, Phyllis is said to be haunting the building. The library was moved from this location to a spot behind this building, which serves today as private offices. Photo courtesy The Bernardsville Library.

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