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Historical Photographs and Documents gathered from around The Somerset Hills

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The Bedminster Hotel circa 1905. More commonly known today as Willies Tavern. While Willie's has been in operation as a functional tavern for over 200 years, the historic tavern has a very rich history. Other names of the establishment included The Bedminster Inn, the Cock and Bull. It once had third floor dormers added, which were later removed during a restoration effort. The original Inn was built by Aaron Mellick for his son. William (Willie) Howard, once Essex Hounds Club member and employee of Charles Pfizer Jr, bought the establishment and owned it during Prohibition. He also raised and trained fighting cocks at the Inn until the sport was banned. It is also said that Willie's favorite horse was buried behind the tavern! His son Thomas Howard and his family owned the Inn from 1900 to 1963. And lastly, Woodrow Wilson once made a campaign speech from the front porch.

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