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Historical Photographs and Documents gathered from around The Somerset Hills

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Basking Ridge Gun Club Picnic - 1940 - From left to Right are: (seated) Mrs. Kenneth Dunster, Vivian Dunster, Mrs. Art Perry, Mrs. Robert Garrabrant, Mrs. David Wright (with hat), Mrs. James Muldowney, Mrs. Calvin Sutton, Elanor Masdale, Mrs. James Flynn, and Mrs. Charles Lum. (Standing) Bert Hankinson, David Wright, Albert Magee, Kenneth Dunster, unknown, Donald Magee, George Snyder, John Muldowney, James Muldowney, William Coffin, James Flynn, Art Perry, Charles Fennimore, B. Armstrong, Calvin Sutton, and Charles Lane. (Front Row) Robert Fennimore. Photo courtesy of The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills.

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