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Historical Photographs and Documents gathered from around The Somerset Hills

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The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills Welcomes you to our online photo collection. Dressed in their best Civil War costumes at the former Basking Ridge Historical Society's 1940 historical pageant. In 1988 the BRHS changed its name to The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills to expand its historical perspective with all its Somerset Hills neighbors. Pictured from left to right are: (front row) Mrs. Henry Livingston, Frances Cornish, Constance Lance, Mrs. Charles Allen, and Mrs. Isaac Combs. (Back Row) Mrs. Arch Carswell (President), John D. Carswell, Mrs. Eldridge Jolliffe, Bernice Lowe, Peggy Lance, Mrs. Henry B. Hill, Helen Sutton, Mrs. John D. Carswell, Mrs. Charles Cornish, and Mrs. David Y. Moore. Photo is Courtesy of The Historical Society of the Somerset Hills.

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